Connect to PEPPOL using B2BRouter

Initiated in 2008, PEPPOL, the Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine project, aims at expanding market connectivity and interoperability between eProcurement communities. PEPPOL enables access to its standards-based IT transport infrastructure through access points, and provides services for eProcurement with standardised electronic document formats (based on UBL and CEN/BII).

Currently there are still few service providers capable of sending documents such as electronic invoices, orders or catalogues through the PEPPOL infrastructure, but the stability of its standards and the endorsement of major EU Governments is leveraging the use of such an infrastructure in Europe. Recently PEPPOL progress has been presented in eGOV 2011 conference in Poznan and a growth in the number of PEPPOL-connected service providers is expected in Europe.

Today, Invinet announces the setup of its own PEPPOL Access Point and SMP service allowing users of the B2BRouter service to send and receive documents to and from the PEPPOL Community.

Invinet’s B2Brouter multichannel system allows users to create and manage multiple channels. Users can install either “on-premises” or “cloud-based” B2Brouter to drive specific connections with their major customers and providers.

Main functionalities for B2Brouter are:

  • Translate from and to any data model, using main data syntaxes (XML, EDI, CSV,…)
  • Validate structures and business rules for XML instances (XSD, Schematron)
  • Convert XML Instances to printable documents (XSLT)
  • Sign document instances
  • Verify signature of received instances
  • Peer to Peer communication with trading partners (eMail, FTP, Rsync, WS, ebMS, AS2, OFTP…)
  • Four corner communication with Service Providers
  • Backup service

Invinet B2BRouter service allows users to have an up-to-date software, to get support and to obtain the latest mappers among main languages such as UBL, CII or FI. The service also allows users to connect to networks where four-corner communication is required.

Through the Invinet PEPPOL AP, the B2BRouter service can connect to the PEPPOL network to exchange documents with every PEPPOL-connected user around Europe.

This new feature brings the capability of sending and receiving electronic invoices, orders or catalogues with major contracting authorities around Europe to B2BRouter users, enabling them to eProcurement and eInvoicing.

The Invinet Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher service have been implemented using the PEPPOL Reference implementation jointly with the technical team in Ingent.

There is a technical post in Ingent’s blog explaining the issues found when implementing the AP and the SML from the reference implementation available in OSOR.EU.

You can be PEPPOL-connected today through B2BRouter and start sending your documents to your customers and suppliers.

If you want to start exchanging documents with PEPPOL-users, just contact us and we will help you.

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