CEN BII2 Budapest meeting

From 12 to 15 of December, the CEN BII2 Workshop has had its F2F meeting in the city of Budapest, hosted by GS1.

After these four days of work, an enlargement for the WorkShop has been approved, that will finally end up late in 2012.

This enlargement will allow to produce more high quality deliverables.

All the work from CEN BII first edition is available at Profiles for electronic procurement are available there and different user communities have already been using them when creating their solutions. Project such as PEPPOL, ePrior, open ePrior or national implementations such as the one in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or recently France are based on the work in BII.

BII2 is a follow-up workshop dealing with capturing feed-back from these implementations to improve the profiles and information requirement models that were created in the first edition of BII.

As a result of this process, there will be some new profiles, amendment on some information models and creation of syntax binding of these models to available syntaxes. Besides syntax mapping, validation artefacts based on Schematron to validate BII conformant instances will be also created to allow user communities to ensure they are producing conformant BII instances. It is envisaged that most part of the deliverables of BII2 will be available by April 2012. You can check the BII website for more information

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