Luxembourg CEN BII2 Conference

On 8th and 9th of February, the CEN BII2 has been meeting in a frozen Luxembourg, hosted by the Publications Office of the European Union.

Opening plenary

Meeting started with a presentation from our host, Raymond Pisano from the Publication Office. He has been explaining the services the Publications Office is providing to the European Community by publishing mandatory publications and other documents both in paper and electronically.All publications from the Publication Office can be downloaded from Relevant sites of the Publication Office are:

Following Mr Pisano, Anders Kingstedt from Ecru made a presentation about governance and long term sustainability for the CEN BII2 deliverables. As possible governance organizations, Anders has analyzed several alternatives that are currently being weighted in order to decide on best option for providing Long Term Sustainability and support to CEN BII implementers.

After the Opening Plenary, group was split into task teams: eNotification, eTendering, eCatalogue and ePost-Award. These groups were meeting and working on their deliverables, profiles and information requirement models.

Closing Plenary

During the Closing Plenary, Alain Deckers, Head of Unit for eProcurement in DG MARKT, made a presentation introducing the Expert Group on e-Tendering. He explained the revision of the new Directive on Public Procurement that should be adopted by the end of this year, and the envisaged consequences such as the requirement to implement mandatory e-submission of tenders in two years time or the willingness to have everybody doing electronic notification, access and communication by 2016.

Mr Deckers explained that the Expert Group on e-Tendering has been established in this new context, using CEN BII2 work as a starting point, to come out with a Report by 2013 with recommendations on how to roll out eProcurement solutions in Europe.

Following Mr Deckers, Giancarlo di Stefano from Consip, vice-chair of  the CEN BII2  made a presentation on liaisons with relevant projects and groups such as the eProcurement Expert Group, PEPPOL the CEN GITB or eCAT.

Reports from groups

Didier Hardy from the Official Journal reported on the eNotification group. He presented CEN BII2 project to the eSenders community and planned the pilot for eNotification in order to achieve a real and European-wide solution for eNotification among Member States.

Kornelis Drijfhout from informed about the status for the eTendering team and the different profiles they are currently working on: Qualification, Call for Tender , Call for Tender with Catalogue, Tendering Simple and Tendering with Catalogue.

Veit Jahns explained the work done in the eCatalogue group about guidelines and profiles: Catalogue Subscription, Pre-Award Catalogue, Post-Award Catalogue. There were some discussing concerning requirements on packaging and labeling information for the eCatalogue.

Bergthor Skualson referred to the requirements information model and business rules for the order. He explained that the group had started with invoice business rules.

Following the presentation from task teams, Jostein Fromyr from Edisys and CEN BII2 vice-chair explained the agenda for the Arquitecture Team.

Stuart Feder, the CEN BII2 chairman concluded the meeting, convening the following face-to-face meeting in Reykjavik on June 5th and 6th.

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