Universal Business Language 2.1 becomes an OASIS Standard

Last Monday 4th November, the ballot with the question “Should Universal Business Language Version 2.1 from the OASIS Universal Business Language TC [1] be approved as an OASIS Standard?” was closed.

The result of the ballot was 77 Yes votes and 0 No votes. This is 100% of positive votes and represents 25% of the whole community in OASIS with voting rights.

Among the voting organizations, you can find public  agencies such as Norwegian DIFI, US DoD, Sweden SFTI, Uruguay Parliament, Uganda Parliament, New Zealand Govern, Kenia National Council, Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya, Environment Canada or Danish DIGST, and private organizations such as AT&T, Accenture, Fujitsu, China Internet Network, Dell, Microsoft, Blackberry, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GS1, Google, IBM, NIST, Nokia, Oracle, PwC, Redhat, SAP AG or HP.

This is a huge step forward in the achievement of a global standard for electronic business.

Here it is the ballot description:

Universal Business Language (UBL) Version 2.1 defines a royalty-free library of standard electronic XML business documents for various commercial domains. UBL is designed to plug directly into existing business, legal, auditing, and records management practices, eliminating the re-keying of data in existing fax- and paper-based supply chains and providing an entry point into electronic commerce for small and medium-sized businesses.

More information on UBL V2.1 and the Technical Committee can be found at the TC’s website ( and at the UBL page (


The Universal Business Language V2.1 OASIS Standard, approved 04 November 2013, is now available. The URLS are:




And the complete OS in a ZIP file package can be downloaded at:

— Additional information —

[1] OASIS Universal Business Language TC

Just want to highlight the volunteer effort all TC members that have contributed to this mature, usable and used specification and specially thank G. Ken Holman, Tim McGrath and Jon Bosak for their leadership and the large amount of hours spent on getting this high quality standard for electronic business out for global usage.

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