Connect your eBusiness trading partners through OpenPEPPOL

OpenPEPPOL and GS1 have recently announced the work done with Invinet and its B2BRouter Access Point which allows for the exchange of GS1 eCom electronic messages using the PEPPOL infrastructure.

This represents a major achievement, both from a technical and a pragmatic point of view. It creates a lower entry barrier for low volume transaction users and allows them to take advantage of an open network when exchanging their messages with a broad community of XML and eBusiness trading partners.

There are several compelling benefits with this new service. The most relevant is that it brings EDI customers a new way to access an interconnected network instead of using the old Value Added Network  access model. There are other benefits, both for small and large companies using EDI:

Benefits for small companies:

  • Lower entry barriers –  There are currently several OpenPEPPOL access points and this is a growing number. Some of them, like the Invinet Access Point, are devoted to providing SMEs with easy, low cost and simple access to eBusiness. All that is required is a lightweight client installed on your computer to access the service.
  • Minimize operational costs –  The increasing number of access points will generate a competitive environment where each service provider will be bidding to attract customers. This will promote the creation of special rates per low-volume transaction user fees.
  • Get value added services – Possibility to use XML to EDI conversion services. Many ERP systems already produce XML documents. The access point can provide translation services for easy and quick uptake all in one package – no need to involve extra providers.

Benefits for large EDI receivers:

  • Protect their investment – No need to create new customer specific XML interfaces. Even though for larger companies it is of course possible for them to implement new interfaces, it is often difficult from a procedural point of view and doesn’t scale well.
  • Lower operating transaction costs – By getting more trading partners on board cost per transaction will decrease. Lowering the costs of implementing eBusiness for their trader partners is a powerful argument for adopting B2B and EDI.
  • Facilitate new markets – PEPPOL simplifies electronic exchanges when working with the public sector

The Invinet Access Point allows users to access the PEPPOL network with a rather simple interface, the B2BRouter Cloud. To install the B2BRouter Cloud all that you need to do is:

  1. Download and install our small and light B2BRouter software client,
  2. Register with Invinet by sending an email to with the username and the generated SSH key
  3. You will then receive an acceptance mail with the terms and conditions of operation,
  4. Activate the service on your computer and you will get instant access to your remote folders that contain your eBusiness messages that have been sent and received through the client – simple!
  5. Start dropping EDI documents to exchange information.

The documents will be delivered to the intended recipient using  the GS1 Global Location Number routing key (GLN identifier) if he is properly registered in an (recipient routing registry) SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) registry and if  his EDI reception capabilities are registered.

Invinet runs its own SMP to allow companies to publish their PEPPOL capabilities (which electronic messages you are capable of receiving).

Companies willing to be registered for EDI reception, can use the Invinet SMP service. If the recipient has to receive a high volume of transactions, you can choose the B2BRouter standard solution: The software installed in a dedicated machine (virtual or physical) and monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC) in real-time, preventing from communication errors to stop your work.

The B2BRouter standard allows your company to receive from PEPPOL as well as from other Internet direct channels such as SMTP, HTTPS, SFTP, AS2 or ebMS.

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