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Quick scan on the EU Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement

[Translate] This is not the whole EU Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement. You can find the whole text here. Below there is a list of fragments of this EU Directive that I think can be useful as a quick scan.

¿Hacía falta Facturae 3.2.1?

[Translate] El pasado viernes 28 de marzo de 2014 se publicó en el BOE la resolución sobre la nueva versión del formato de factura “Facturae”,  la versión 3.2.1.

Millones de € para proyectos de infraestructuras de servicios digitales

[Translate] El día 11 de Marzo de 2014, el Consejo de la UE ha adoptado una regulación para el despliegue e interoperabilidad de proyectos de infraestructuras de telecomunicaciones que sean del interés común en el campo de las redes de telecomunicaciones trans-Europeas (TEN-Tele).

CEN BII3 Amsterdam (II)

[Translate] 5th BII Open Plenary in Amsterdam The meeting has been hosted by PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Center. Mr Wouter Stolwijk did the opening plenary keynote speech. Jostein Fromyr welcomed the 43 registered participants. Participants in the Workshop are from 29 different organizations belonging to 15 different countries. Jostein explained that editor selection […]

CEN BII in Brussels: Another step towards end-to-end Electronic Public Procurement

[Translate] Brussels 10 – 12 Dec 2013. Opening Plenary Stuart Feder, CEN BII Chairman used his little hotel reception bell to start the 4th Plenary CEN BII meeting. He made his introduction and welcomed the new participants to this standardization effort. The work done within CEN BII is gaining more and more momentum and awareness […]