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PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 – A real EN 16931 invoice

[Translate] Since 2014 the major effort on electronic invoicing in Europe has been the development of the EN16931: The European Norm that describes a pan-European semantic model for the invoices and their mapping to two standard syntaxes, UBL and CII.

ZuGFeRD vs CIIv2

[Translate] It has been claimed that ZuGFeRD is a subset of the Cross Industry Invoice data model v2 from UN/CEFACT.

Building consensus in Europe through CEN BII

[Translate] From 19th to 22th of March 2013 the kick off meeting of the CEN BII 3 Workshop took place in Barcelona, at the IESE University, hosted by Everis. In 2007, the first workshop of CEN BII was initiated due to the vision of different people (worth mentioning Peter Borresen from NITA) to spread the […]

CWA BII2 Public Revision started

[Translate] On July 3rd, the Public Revision of the CEN Workshop Agreement on Business Interoperable Interfaces has started. You can download the CWA from

Facturae 4.0 vs InvoiceX

[Translate] Facturae 4.0 es el nuevo formato para la factura electrónica en España definido por el Ministerio de Industria Turismo y Comercio. Se encuentra en fase de revisión pública hasta el mes de Enero del 2012. Se puede descargar tanto el modelo como los documentos asociados en la web de Facturae, analizarlo y enviar comentarios […]