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Quick scan on the EU Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement

[Translate] This is not the whole EU Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement. You can find the whole text here. Below there is a list of fragments of this EU Directive that I think can be useful as a quick scan.

Connect your eBusiness trading partners through OpenPEPPOL

[Translate] OpenPEPPOL and GS1 have recently announced the work done with Invinet and its B2BRouter Access Point which allows for the exchange of GS1 eCom electronic messages using the PEPPOL infrastructure. This represents a major achievement, both from a technical and a pragmatic point of view. It creates a lower entry barrier for low volume […]

GITB3 Kick Off Meeting in Brussels

[Translate] On 1st April 2014, CEN hosted the Kick Off meeting for the 3rd phase of the GITB (Global Interoperability Test Bed) Workshop Agreement. The goal of the CEN/WS GITB3 is to provide implementation specifications for a Test Bed and deliver a proof-of-concept implementation to demonstrate how to achieve interoperability between test beds around the […]

Millones de € para proyectos de infraestructuras de servicios digitales

[Translate] El día 11 de Marzo de 2014, el Consejo de la UE ha adoptado una regulación para el despliegue e interoperabilidad de proyectos de infraestructuras de telecomunicaciones que sean del interés común en el campo de las redes de telecomunicaciones trans-Europeas (TEN-Tele).

Plan para la nueva Directiva sobre Factura Electrónica en Compras Públicas

[Translate] El 11/3/2014, la Comisión Europea ha publicado una memo sobre la facturación electrónica en las compras públicas. Se puede descargar la versión en inglés de la memo en este PDF.