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Service Discovery Method specification for public review

[Translate] The OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR) Committee has been working on a specification to define service discovery methods. These methods allow to retrieve information and metadata for exposed services. The PEPPOL network is using the BDXR Specification to provide discovery services.

Posición de OpenPEPPOL con respecto a la nueva Directiva Europea

[Translate] OpenPEPPOL ha publicado un informe con su posición sobre la nueva Directiva Europea de facturación electrónica para las compras públicas donde da la bienvenida al esfuerzo normativo de la Comisión Europea por dar un salto importante hacia una administración sin papeles y a la facturación electrónica transfronteriza. Este informe se puede encontrar aquí. OpenPEPPOL […]

Electronic Public Procurement in Rome (Part II – OpenPEPPOL)

[Translate] Following the CEN BII meeting in Rome, on Thrusday and Friday (3rd and 4th October) there was an OpenPEPPOL conference. The meeting was  at Consip, and it was led by Andre Hoddevik, the OpenPEPPOL chair. During the two-day conference we went from the more general and administrative information about OpenPEPPOL, down to the details […]

Nou impuls legal a la factura electrònica

[Translate] Aquest estiu s’està produint un nou impuls a la factura electrònica en contractació pública amb iniciatives des de la UE així com en noves disposicions legals des del govern espanyol.

An electronic public procurement week in Oslo

[Translate] Last week of June 2013, there was a full week of meetings in Oslo. The topic being Electronic Public Procurement. There was an OpenPEPPOL meeting collocated with the CEN BII3 second face to face meeting. For those arriving on Monday 24th, there was a bright and sunny afternoon in Oslo. It was worth walking […]