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CEN BII in Brussels: Another step towards end-to-end Electronic Public Procurement

[Translate] Brussels 10 – 12 Dec 2013. Opening Plenary Stuart Feder, CEN BII Chairman used his little hotel reception bell to start the 4th Plenary CEN BII meeting. He made his introduction and welcomed the new participants to this standardization effort. The work done within CEN BII is gaining more and more momentum and awareness […]

Universal Business Language 2.1 becomes an OASIS Standard

[Translate] Last Monday 4th November, the ballot with the question “Should Universal Business Language Version 2.1 from the OASIS Universal Business Language TC [1] be approved as an OASIS Standard?” was closed. The result of the ballot was 77 Yes votes and 0 No votes. This is 100% of positive votes and represents 25% of […]

Posición de OpenPEPPOL con respecto a la nueva Directiva Europea

[Translate] OpenPEPPOL ha publicado un informe con su posición sobre la nueva Directiva Europea de facturación electrónica para las compras públicas donde da la bienvenida al esfuerzo normativo de la Comisión Europea por dar un salto importante hacia una administración sin papeles y a la facturación electrónica transfronteriza. Este informe se puede encontrar aquí. OpenPEPPOL […]

ZuGFeRD vs CIIv2

[Translate] It has been claimed that ZuGFeRD is a subset of the Cross Industry Invoice data model v2 from UN/CEFACT.

OASIS announces the new Committee Specification UBL 2.1

[Translate] OASIS has  announced the approval and publication of a new Committee Specification by the members of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC. Universal Business Language Version 2.1 Committee Specification 1 29 June 2013