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Validación profesional –

[Translate] Peter Norén, head of Unit en Ekonomistyrningsverket (ESV) el departamento de economía del gobierno sueco, acaba de anunciar en Linkedin que SFTI ha puesto en marcha el servicio de validación de instancias XML con Validex.

ZuGFeRD vs CIIv2

[Translate] It has been claimed that ZuGFeRD is a subset of the Cross Industry Invoice data model v2 from UN/CEFACT.

OASIS announces the new Committee Specification UBL 2.1

[Translate] OASIS has  announced the approval and publication of a new Committee Specification by the members of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC. Universal Business Language Version 2.1 Committee Specification 1 29 June 2013

CEN BII2 Budapest meeting

[Translate] From 12 to 15 of December, the CEN BII2 Workshop has had its F2F meeting in the city of Budapest, hosted by GS1. After these four days of work, an enlargement for the WorkShop has been approved, that will finally end up late in 2012. This enlargement will allow to produce more high quality […]

Connect to PEPPOL using B2BRouter

[Translate] Initiated in 2008, PEPPOL, the Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine project, aims at expanding market connectivity and interoperability between eProcurement communities. PEPPOL enables access to its standards-based IT transport infrastructure through access points, and provides services for eProcurement with standardised electronic document formats (based on UBL and CEN/BII). Currently there are still few service providers […]